Is he going to ask me out?

He is 32 i am 22 we met online and have been on 3 or 4 dates. I was hinting today that he should ask me to be official with him and He ended up saying "soon enough I may just ;)" so do you think it's a good sign? Do you think he will ask me out to be exclusive. I like him a lot so I hope he does. We have had moments when it got hot in the car but he controlled himself because he could tell I was nervous. I thought that was really sweet. What are your thoughts?

The dates went great... just distinguishing between boyfriend and girlfriend. I don't ask him because he said he thinks it's the man's job to ask a woman out


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  • Have you hoped in the sack yet? Why the car? Is he married? Remember we guys need our sexual activities regularly one way or another. Maybe he has that already. Don't be surprised if you don't have the whole truth.

    • No haven't had sex yet. We live anear hr away from each other so that is why it was in the car. I did a background check aND no divorce or marriage records were found

    • Don't believe those reports. If they get them wrong all that happens is they say SORRY. And you already paid..

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  • if you can hint you want him to ask, isn't that the same as you asking? and why not just ask?


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  • You could just ask him to commit to you rather than you waiting for him?

    • If he thinks it's the man's job but he won't do it, what is he waiting for? Could just ask him what he's up to.

  • How did you go on dates if he didn't ask you out?

    • she could be asked him but i think she's distinguishing between date and boyfriend girlfriend

    • Hope his car is nice if that's his home. He must be getting some somewhere, or married.😕

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