My current girlfriend doesn't know who she loves?

She can't decide if she loves her ex or me, I know, red flag but I wanted her to be entirely honest with me and she was, also yes she would usually end up talking about him before I asked her if she still had feelings for him. Also when she wants to talk to him I let her but me and her do talk more then they do, but he doesn't get much time to talk, but I love her and I believe she really has changed. please give me your opinion on how you think I should continue. Or is loving ( romantically ) 2 guys at the same time commen and normal.
  • Wait, for her to slowly stop talking to him.
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  • No, becuase you don't need a girl that can love ( romantically ) 2 guys at the same time.
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What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly... you should let her go. This is already headed in a bad direction. What reason do they still need to be talking? So she talks to you more and him less but they also have a lot of history. You shouldn't be in competition for her love or feelings. She needs to sort this out on her own. Either way she has a back up plan. You or him. Don't stick around and he second choice.


What Guys Said 2

  • Bro, I've been in this position. Seriously do not continue the relationship. If I could tell myself this I would have. Because her ex's ghost will haunt you all the time. If you force her to stop talking, you'll worry she secretly does. If you let her talk, you'll worry what they talk about or if she still loves him. In any situation, you'll wonder. When she just wants to spend the day to herself, you'll wonder where she is, whether she tells you the truth.

    I know it'll hurt, I know it'll be hard. But let her go, let her make you the only one in her life. That'll be a long time. It sucks I know, I really feel you. But I had this paranoia for almost 4 months and that was the worse time of my life cause I didn't live properly. Let her go, you'll be fine. All the best.

  • you shouldn't have let her talk to her ex. now sparks and memories started coming back. doesn't matter that you talk to her more. if he has her heart, you lost

    • I know, that's why I asked this becuase its war.

    • if he does try to take her back.

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