Should I stop pursuing this girl?

So I kinda like this girl, and we seem to have been hanging out more than usual. I feel 99% certain that she likes me too. Every time she spots me she zones in on me. When we talk she's all eyes and ears, and when I make her laugh or smile, it seems genuine by the way her eyes squint up... also, of course, she will start playing with her hair or necklace when I start the ol flirting process haha. She doodles on me every now and then with markers, and junk like that. I touch her face play with her hair and all of that., and she smiles the whole time.. today she stopped by my work place when I wasn't here and sent a picture of the place asking where I was.. BUT! Today I was around her best friend, and I picked up her phone and started taking selfies of myself, because I'm a weirdo. When I went to look at my selfies, I swiped once too far and saw a screenshot of a text of her and a dude she was telling the guy in the text that the girl that I like, would have to try hanging around him again I'm a group setting in order to start thinking about dating... I mean, my immediate reaction was disappointment, and I told myself that was the sign to dip out of this.. I don't want to compete for a girl against another guy. I know that this text that I saw doesn't mean that the two are "talking" but I'm just unsure. I've seen the two around each other before but never thought anything of it because the dude seems to scared to even talk to her. He hung out with us before but she seemed more into me! Is she just being friendly with me, and likes his other
dude? I feel like I definitely interact with he a lot more, and what not.. just want an expertise female to explain this! Thanks ladies ❤️


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  • I would prefer you asking her straight up.. are you seeing anyone right now?
    don't close the door on yourself Cuz u saw a text!

    • Yea I know.. I mean we weren't at the level of admitting we liked each other yet, I'm just too prideful. In my mind I'm like "she's talking to someone else, your loss girl." 😂 how can I get on the talking level? I'm a novice at dating! That's why I'm coming to you guys!

    • well, you could try doing something a little special for her at some special occasion and you wait and see wht her reaction is.. if she was confused lol then she propbly seeing someone else and things got awkward.. but if she acted all surprised and happy.. I guess she likes the idea from now on its your gate to talk to her or send her a hand written letters (hints) that you're interested something like that lol

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  • Sure she wasn't talking about you? Even if she was talking about this other dude, keep your game strong. She's clearly responding well to your flirting, keep it up and take it to the next level soon.

    You're already way ahead of any other dude is at this point, just make sure to not get friendly and keep it flirty.

    • The girls best friend was texting the dude that likes the girl I like and the girl I like apparently responded with what I said about this dude

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    • I get what you mean. I've seen them together like once sitting next to each other but they don't even really speak. One thing I thought about is that she never actually said she liked him.. she said she'd have to see if she liked him.. and plus this dude is trying to get info through her friend while I'm actually putting myself around her

    • Perfect. Don't make yourself too available for her though!

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