Awkward first kiss (I know there have been other questions, but this is about a specific situation)

So I had a date tonight with this girl from school that I like. We had a lunch date a couple of weeks ago, but we didn't kiss at the end of it (in the middle of public in broad daylight, didn't feel right. Anyway, today we had dinner and then I brought her back to her place and walked her up to her door. We briefly talked up there, then I went in for a kiss. I think she thought I was going in for a hug first, and it was kind of awkward where she realized halfway through that it was supposed to be a kiss, and tried to kiss me. She then said something like "well that was a failed first attempt" and laughed. Then I kissed her again, and a few more times.

I really am worried about the awkwardness from that moment killing whatever might be between us. It didn't kill anything for me, but I worry about her maybe losing interest or thinking that we don't have chemistry because of it. The followup kisses were not long or deep, just kind of light, slightly open mouthed, but quick. I am kind of overly analyzing the whole situation, and I feel like I could have handled it better, and I'm hoping that I didn't mess things up.



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  • Aww. Ok, well she seemed ok with it. And she kissed you after. So you should be fine. Personally, I give it more than a few kisses like that to judge the chemistry. Just try to make it more natural next time, and maybe take it a little further if that's ok with both of you.

    • That's good to hear. It kind of threw me a little and I wasn't as comfortable as I usually am in those situations, because I actually really like kisses with someone new. I enjoyed kissing her, and it certainly left me with the desire to do it again. Hopefully, she feels the same way...

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  • definitely a good thing she made a joke out of it. I think next time should be a little easier and less awkward. if you both want a kiss, you've already got the first one out of the way so it should flow a lot more smoothly. my advice would be to just keep talking to her. don't let things fizzle out and try to make future plans. good luck! :]

  • Chill out! She's actually probably as mortified as you are! Brush it off, and try to focus on the other parts of the dates if you're thinking about chemistry. Also, if you bring it up, all you're doing is reminding her of the awkwardness, so don't!

    • Oh there is no way that I would bring it up. I feel like the rest of the date went really well, and even that part, although a little awkward, wasn't that bad. I am probably putting more significance on it then is necessary. I certainly know that at least on my end, I'm excited to see her again.

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