Dating advice from women or ladies or even trannies? ?

Okay ladies help me out! I've been told junk like I'm a super attractive guy, I always call bs because I hate feeling conceited or anything. I just can't take a compliment. But I'm always single. There will be rare occurrences where I actually like a girl and I feel certain she likes me back. I flirt with the girl I like and only her, but how do I pin this girl down? I'm not the most experienced but shoot! I'm doing something wrong! I'll be honest, I'm afraid of rejection,(even when I feel I'm out of her league). <- feel arrogant just saying that. But I can flirt a girls face off if I'm not interested in them, but as soon as I actually like a girl, I freeze up and get intimidated. What's a way to I don't know, flirt and make it obvious that I am into her without flat out saying, " hey I'm into you. Not that I won't say it, I'm just scared I'm gonna say this and she respond with, oh I thought this was just a friend thing. Ladies fire away!


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  • it never hurts to just say "hey, this might be a little forward, but I think you are a sweet girl and I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing ___. I ask because I really like you but I want to be respectful of your interests."


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