Staying out all night talking about life not sex to the opposite sex would you consider that a date even though your just friends?


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  • I would assume a date would be mutually agreed on, would it not? You'd both acknowledge it was a date if it were one prior to meeting. It can just be talking because friends talk too.

    • So your saying you stay out and talk to female friends all night after you hung out with them even if there is no feelings involved

    • I don't go out much but I've definitely spent hours just talking to female friends. I even used to Skype my closest female friend for like a minimum of 8 hours a day for a whole month. Never thought of it as anything more than just talking with a friend.

  • In my opinion it's not a date. You can call it as some healthy conversations.

    • Understandable. But I guess what I'm trying to say if you had female friends and after you hang out would you continue the conversation for the rest of the night if you like her or you would do that with any of your female friends that you have no feelings for

    • If i like her i will definitely continue the conversation and i can't talk to a women for so long i am not interested or don't have feelings for her.
      Yes you can call it as a 75% DATE. 😂👌

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