What do guys think about dating single mums? Honest opinions?


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  • Children take up a lot of time and I question how much she'll have for me and our relationship. So I'd have to be seriously into her to even bother with it because I don't want to waste our time, nor have the child (ren) get attached to me. I also don't want to be a father figure to kids that aren't mine. So honestly, while it's not an automatic deal breaker, it's close.


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  • I got very close to dating one before. She was a widow. Her husband fought in the Iraq war and came home with PTSD, a drug addiction, and eventually committed suicide.

    She wasn't very great with disciplining her two kids. The first time I met them, she brought them to a drinking party which I thought was inappropriate since it was late at night and among adults.

    I ended up sitting as far away from the kids as I could. I was smoking and drinking and thought for sure I'd be a horrible influence to kids. I always wanted to stay as far away from kids as possible for that reason.

    Yet they ended up coming over to my side. She had a boy and girl, both half-Japanese and half-white American, just like me and my younger sister. The boy kept talking to me and then started showing me his Nintendo DS games. The girl kept talking gibberish to me and started laughing when I made funny faces.

    After the party we went outside and the kids wanted me to give a piggyback ride. I still didn't know why they fixated on me so much with so many other guys there; perhaps they felt some affinity since I was also mixed like them. I ended up giving them both piggyback rides individually where I sprinted and spun around, and they started laughing so hard. Soon both wanted me to give them a piggyback ride at the same time and that was a bit of a struggle but I managed it. Later the little girl fell asleep on my shoulder.

    We ended up going to karaoke and I ended up buying and wearing a spiderman suit to entertain the kids, and my friend working at the bar there gave this big introduction and I jumped out as spiderman.

    I just ended up developing such a strong attachment to the kids. I kind of wanted them as my own. I started hanging out with the kids and their mother and both of them ended up asking me at various points if I could marry their mom. I ended up actually considering it.

    She ended up moving away from Tokyo, however. That was the one exceptional case for me where I actually considered dating a single mother. It came about because I developed a strong attachment to her kids first.

    • I still keep in touch with her. I like to joke and ask if I could have one of her kids for $100,000. She always replies and says she'll give one to me for free. :-D

  • My concern would be more about why is she a single mom. I don't care if she has kids and from who they are, she's still a human who needs love and affection. But I'd still wanna know why her life went that way before getting too involved with her.

  • My biggest problem with dating a single mom is that if we ever have sex I know I am not her first especially that at the moment she would be mine. I plan on waiting after marriage tho before having sex.

    I know one girl that is a single mom and we are friends, and because I know her and I do like her if our relationship ever evolved into more with (witch I would like) I can look past her being a single mom.

    • So I guess guys at the end of the day have to be head over heels with the girl if they are to Persue a releationship with her and get over the fact she's a mum too but that's okay

    • That's just me tho, I can't speak for over guys.

    • Yeah I know but your opinion is probably the same as many

  • I think it depends on the person really and how they are with their child. Personally, I'm not down with kids but if I met a single mother who I liked then I'd happily try to get along with their child. Although, I'm not a fan of spoilt children so...

  • I haven't dated a single mom yet, but I think I wouldn't like it much. Even though I do understand that kids come first, I feel as though some ladies will take it too far as to use their kids for excuses to get out of situations. That's not cool in my books

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