Girls, Do you suspect when a guy likes you?

If a random guy messaged you on FaceBook or you met a guy in person but he did not ask for your number right away, he did not flirt with you, he was just being himself and having a regular conversation, would you still suspect, okay why is this guy talking to me and asking me questions (i. e: school, what I like & etc)

And assuming if you do not have a boyfriend and you felt he was normal and decent looking, would you be cool with him talking to you and eventually asking for your number?


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  • if I've never met you it'd be a definite no.
    if we've had a class together I'd accept a friend request on Facebook and let the conversation flow determine it.
    I'd definitely question your motives (as a female in today's world I have to) but as long as if you agreed to meet it was during daylight hours at a public place where I can have a friend nearby incase you aren't who you say you are.

    • Oh she's a girl I met on FB who goes to the university I went to for my undergrad studies, I'm about to do my grad studies, I have never taken a class with her, I'm not 1 of those weird guys chasing a girl for sexual purposes so if I met a girl 6 months later, I'm okay with that, I am perfectly okay with proving myself in order for someone to trust me.

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    • I messaged her because I was in my old undergrad faculty (the political science dept.) and I had to wait to speak to a counselor. As I was waiting, they had a tv on with different professors and students on the screen with a quote about how they feel about politics and I remember seeing her before. Figured to message her, so I msg'd her on FB and said, hey I know this is random as hell lol but I saw you on tv in the political science dept. and I just want to give you props on your political views and fighting for rights, I think I said by the way the school should be paying her for using her face in their faculty, she responded back by laughing and we've been msg'n each other for 1 wk on FB, haven't asked for her # yet, I didn't ask her let's meet... I think that's way too soon. For all I know she could be responding back to be nice but at the same time she said if I have any questions to feel free and ask *shrugs shoulders* lol i dunno.

    • I think you are on the right track. just keep the conversation flowing and if it comes to be go for it

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