Guys what would you change about yourd gf's/wife's looks?

Don't lie to yourselves. haha.
If you wouldn't change anything then congrats. If you don't know which option to choose then I am sorry for you cause you would changer more than one thing about her looks lol

  • make her boobs bigger and firmer
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  • make her ass bigger and more toned
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  • make her lips fuller
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  • make her hair longer
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  • make her eyes bigger
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  • make her shorter/taller
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  • make her fitter/slimmer
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  • I would change her status from non-existent to existent.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd make him lose 10 pounds but he's already working on it and goes everyday to the gym so we can eat together like two fatties together 😍


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  • I think most all men would like to see something slightly different about their partner. It doesn't mean they love them any less though.

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