How do you get a guy to ask you on a date?

don't say be yourself I already know that and quite frankly its an annoying answer I started talking to a cute nice guy on the 12th were gonna hang next week sometime but how do I get him to ask me on a date? he's given signs he's interested just want to know. more than one answer please.


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  • Plan the date you want to have in your mind. And suggest it.

    Example: Ice skating. Make up or tell a story about your friends going ice skating and how it was fun and you wish you were there, somewhere along those lines. Make it obvious that it's an activity you would like to do that he could do with you. Talk passionately about it for a good few minutes. If he doesn't get the hint, I don't know. Ask him out instead.

    You can do it for movies, trying "this new cafe in town" etc.


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