Guys Help!!! If your seeing your ex again and they say "We" a lot, does he consider you guys a couple again?

Such as "we can have a movie night" or "we can go hang out with some people if you want to.

Guy's help!!!
Guy's I need your opinions!!!


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  • Good grief, I really wish women would hanging on every last word and taking it literally or as gospel and overthinking every last thing on the planet. It's not likely unless he specifically says so (if so it's most likely just because he's horny and hasn't found your replacement yet). "We" is less syllables than "me and you", so makes less awkward sentences, that's all there is to it. In case you haven't noticed "we" is used rather often in the English language, most of which aren't referring to a (former) couple.

    • We'll I know guys do that in reference to being a pair

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    • If you say so.

    • I think I would be able to know if something was off with us when we're together

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