Airport and missing attention?

So I m getting back from California this Friday night and I have asked my boyfriend to come with my mother to pick me up. Lately, me and him have been having some issues (I ve diagnosed myself with somewhat severe clinginess) and I've tried to stage my own intervention. He says we hang out way too much meanwhile the only time we see each other is our classes and one or two days after school, but isn't that what couples usually do? Should I not bring it up to him again and just get home on my own and hang out with some girlfriends and see him the following day? Or should I still ask him to come and see me so I can see him since I will have been gone for about ten days?


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  • I don't see how you've spent too much time together if you've been gone for ten days. If he doesn't want to greet you without you asking, did he even miss you at all? I'd say you're allowed to ask him to pick you up if you want but don't force his hand if he really doesn't want to.

  • If you need to be with your boyfriend more than he needs to be with you then you're not compatible and in a dysfunctional dead end relationship. You have to find someone that likes being with you the same as you do him. There's no such thing as "clingy"


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