Why do I only attract girls that want to hook up?

I'm honestly tired of only attracting these types of girls. It's like I can always get these type of girls no problem but I've been trying to get a serious relationship for a while with a smart and cute girl. I consider myself pretty attractive. Most girls have rated me between 8/10 and 9/10... I go to the gym I am going to college and am a junior in mechanical engineering.. have my own place, etc. with these traits I thought it would be easy to land a smart and cute girl, but they all end up rejecting me or not being interested.. but then I go to a hot girl that is not so smart and can hook up that same night.. like wtf.. any tips on how to change this around?


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  • Maybe your looking in the wrong places. try figure out the pattern of how it's going wrong. it's not so easy to find a girl that's smart and cute anyway hehe. but maybe you attract the wrong type of girl because you appeal to them and not the opposite.

    • I mean I've tried talking to girls at my university that I see at the library, but they never really talk and make me feel like I'm annoying them lol

    • Hahaha bless you. maybe try talk about something you know they would be interested in. if there at the library maybe talk to them about a certain book or something. intelligent girls are probably looking for intellectual boys also. so try show that side of you.

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  • Because your hot... they wanna have sex with you obviously...

    • So a hot guy can't have a smart/cute girl?🤔

    • Yes but your sex appeal is prob very strong thats what people thing when they see you

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  • This is a struggle most of us go through. it's alright, dude, u just gotta root through them till u find the jewel in the hay bale

    • I mean I guess it's not much of a HUGE problem lol. But it does suck sometimes

    • Oh yeah for sure it sucks. It's alright, dough, it's just part of the adventure

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