How do I find the right guy? What are signs to look for when searching for a healthy relationship?

How do you make a guy like you or develop a crush on you?

I’m a 20 year old black female who is currently in my first year of university, I’m a born and raised Canadian. I would love to begin actively dating yet I want to know how do you make a guy like you? I’m quite shy but I’m friendly and ensure that I at least say hi or bye to an individual following our “small talks” I’m also a great listener as I spend most of my time listening to individuals when they speak or complain to me about something. At school two of the guys I converse with the most our conversations are mainly about classes and assignments or what they are doing on the weekends. Keep in mind both of these males are white anyhow I would love to meet someone and date but I feel as if there must be something pushing guys away from me I currently signed up for a year gym membership in order to get fit as I’m 5ft and weigh 187 but strangely most of the fat went to me legs ! I’m working on myself and would love to get some advice on how I can attack the right guy?

Thank you


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  • How to get a guy to like you, be yourself?

    How to get them to develop a crush on you/ask you out? Perhaps encourage their interest (flirt with them), sometimes when they're interested they need a bit of encouragement to act on that (since they are taking a risk to ask you out so it's not unfair for them to want to know if you'll be receptive to a date).


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