Why do guys think I'm interested when I'm not?

I've had this happen to me multiple times and I don't know why. I become friends with a guy, just friends or acquaintances even, and they think I'm interested or that they have a chance of dating. I treat them nice but not overly nice, I dont flirt , I dont walk with them alone or try to see them one on one because I'm usually uncomfortable being around most guys Alone, I respond to their texts but dont text 24/7, and yet they think I'm into them because I'm not a huge bitch. Why is this? I feel like I can't even be nice and have conversations with guys like this because they get the wrong hint and make me the bad guy when I say no to being asked out. I'm not flirty , why do they assume I'm interested? I've had a guy tell his friends that we were "talking" (a stage before dating) , and I had to literally tell him we have no chances of being together for him to understand no means no. I'm getting uncomfortable since I'm in this situation again, why do some guys act like this? I dont understand why they assume I want to date them because im friendly.


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  • being nice IS flirting. that's the thing

    in general, people are just straight assholes.. so, when we meet someone nice, we generally assume they're flirting

    • Really? Even if she's as nice to everyone else? You get bitched at for seeming rude but then called a tease if you're nice , you can't win lol

    • but that's the point, people are generally assfucks, so, when we meet someone nice, we think they're interested.. that's why being nice IS flirting

    • Jeez I guess you're right , too many people are stuck up, if you're friendly, you're assumed to have a crush

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  • You might give a flirty vibe.. Or you're just really attractive and they want to date you anyway.

    • I'm not super hot, I'm not ugly but not a model, I really dont think I'm flirty but they've told me I'm pretty nice. I guess they take my niceness as wanting to date them

    • Yeah sometimes people are really friendly and for some they percieve it as flirtatious vibe

  • Bc you're a girl and guys like girls

    • Some guys don't but the ones that do will prob brag about talking to an attractive girl.

    • Lol that's true , I just dont get why some lie about it when everyone else can see the girl isn't interested

    • Prob bc you're attractive

  • Because you're a flirt. And a cock tease. And an attention whore. And a juicy wet dripping cunt who needs male adoration in order to survive because of previous rapings.

    • Gee , sure sounds like me. Lmao , weirdo

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    • Well you're quite the charmer 🙄 goodnight

    • Goodnight.

What Girls Said 2

  • Because they're attracted to you plain and simple.

  • Maybe it's something you do


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