Does she like me as more than a friend?

Recently I started talking to a girl who I was close friends with 4 to 5 years ago and had feelings for. Recently I moved back by my hometown. I happened to go to a bar in my hometown about 4 months ago where I saw her. We made eye contact, she came up and hugged me. Then ran to her best friend and started chatting about me. We didn't talk much but I said goodbye before I left. Fast forward 2 months, her and I went out to dinner with a mutual friend to catch up. We all had a good time and talked about what we were all up to, and our relationship status's. She made it clear she was single. We texted occasionally afterward, before we went out again. The last time we went out, we talked about everything, she brought up her previous relationships, and asked about mine. She was a little flirty, and teased me a bit. Talked about how she was single. We went to a bar afterward and she was sitting next to me when I received some sensitive text messages about work. She was intently watching the screen on my phone, and insisted it must of been a girl I was talking because I was covering the screen. But I said no and laughed (because I'm not). We text now and then, but I always initiate it. Our mutual friend thinks that she likes me, and I have a feeling she might as well, but I don't want to ruin a friendship or make things awkward if she isn't actually interested. My friends suggested I ask her out on a date. Im looking for advice on my next move. Thanks


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