Too soon to say I love you?

I've been dating this girl for about a month but we've been friends for about 2 years now. Is it too soon to say "I love you"?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • There's really not enough info to be sure, but it's better to wait if you aren't sure. It's really awkward if someone says it too soon, and there's not much to be gained.

    A month is too quick in most circumstances, but there no exact time. But if you're going to make a mistake, the better mistake is waiting too long than saying it too soon.


Most Helpful Guy

  • "Too soon" is saying it before the other person feels the same way. It's not based on a time period. It's based on the other person's feeling.

    If you say it long before the other person feels the same way, it has the chance of backfiring and scaring them away when more time spent together could have potentially made them feel the same way.

    Again it's not based on how much time has elapsed. If she loves you back already then it's definitely not too soon.


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  • It's never too soon if you mean it.

  • noo. just say it to her now


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