Any good first date idea's how does mini golf sound?

I'm not 21 so I can't go to the bar I think movies, dinner is too cliche and a cup of coffee is to plain. other then that what are some good options for a first date I never met the her Irl so preferably noting to long in case we don't click. I think mini golf should be fun but do you think it might come off as a bit childish for early 20 year olds?
I think a good date involves some activity right? if you have any tips for a good first date I'm all ears.


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  • Mini golf is a good idea, I think most girls would enjoy it


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  • If you both really like golf, then sure. But honestly, coffee is my go to first date. It's casual and easy, I'll usually arrange it for in the afternoon some time when we're both already going to be out. It's not really plain, it's how you make it. I usually prefer to takeaway and walk to somewhere nice, be that the beach, park etc so we get a good chance to talk and get to know each other because that's the focus.. I feel activities such as mini golf will be a distraction on the first date and make it harder to really connect and get to know each other. I've had first dates that were only supposed to be quick 30 minute coffees in the afternoon that have lasted through to the next morning.

    • I usually wouldn't mind coffee dates but the thing is she likes hikes and she kept on talking about we should go on a hike. I'm thinking does she really want to go on a hike for the first date with a stranger. I like hikes to but that's like the whole day it seems a little long to spend with someone you hardly know right?

    • also what do you end up doing on does coffee dates that turn to all day and night?

    • Yeah, a hike would be something you should do on another date, it's too involved for a first one. You want something easy and low key. The great thing about coffee is it's easy to leave if it's not going well.

      It's easy to lose track of time when you really connect, so I've just had times when we've extended the whole date. We're still talking when it gets to dinner time, so we decide to grab dinner and then go on, by then it's getting late and we end up spending the night together. Doesn't happen often, but sometimes it does when the connection's right.

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