Should my first time be with someone "special" or should I just try short term hookups?

In my heart I want it to have meaning and h be with someone I connect but In this society I'm afraid that finding the right person is really rare, everyone just hooks up especially at our age group. Plus I'm worried that I need to get some sexual experience so in the future if there is a potential for a serious relationship that I don't disappoint the girl and get dumped. Should I just try and get some casual practice? I really don't know what I want and I'm confused.


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  • I think it should be with someone special. You remember losing your virginity for the rest of your life. It's nice to have someone that cares about you leave you with that memory.

    • Yeah that would be great, but realistically how possible is that, what are the chances of that happening? I think they are very slim and I'm worried that I might sort of be wasting my years of learning and gaining experience and improving myself.

    • It's entirely possible. I was 19 going on 20 before I met my now ex who I lost my virginity to. I know plenty of guys older who are still waiting for the right person. Being patient is the key.

    • The thing is I think there are hardly any girls that are virgins after 20 although I don't know if that matters. Anyway cheers for sharing your experience and your help. I'm gonna focus on other things in my life right now I've probably just been going a late puberty crisis lol

  • No way!


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  • I would recommend someone special. Someone who knows it is your first time, someone you can trust and will take the time make sure it is a wonderful experience.

    • That's what I dream sometimes. I am a sensitive person I would prefer there were feelings between me and a girl, but I hope It doesn't take me like a decade to find someone like that who I can trust. It's not easy to trust people.

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    • I didn't date at through high school, and had a couple really brief girlfriends in college that is nothing to brag about. I worried too, I also worried people would think I was gay as well. Normal paranoia. If you start to let that get to you, it will affect your confidence and image negatively and others will pick up on it even when you don't realize you are doing it yourself! Be cool, be confident, be yourself. Eventually a nice girl will see that and like it! Good luck!

    • Thank you

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