What should I do if he kinda turned into a jerk?

He was so nice to me before and he would flirt with me and stuff but he has a girl friend and every time some one would say something like"You two should date" and it would be about me and him and he would just get mad. But then I told my best friend witch is like a sister to me something he told me and he found out and just blew up in my face and I got tired of it so I just gave up on him. He was my BEST guy friend I have ever had. So what should I do now should I forget about him or not?


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  • Were you supposed to keep what he told you private? If you were I can understand why he would get angry after finding out you told someone else.

    As for the suggestions that you and he date making him mad, what do you expect? He has a girlfriend and it sounds like he likes her a lot (hence why he gets mad).

  • Drop his ass. Guys will try to alternate between treating you good and bad because they are either imature or trying to get you off balance to gain the upper hand


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