Would you rather him kiss you without asking?

Okay, 2 questions:

1.) If you were hanging out with a guy you liked, would you rather him kiss you without asking or would you rather he asked to kiss you first?

2.) What if a guy that you were friends with but didn't like romantically tried to kiss you, would you be upset, mad, embarrassed, awkward? and what would you now think of him?


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  • 1) Just do it. Asking could make it awkward. but then again some girls think its romantic...

    2) It wouldn't be as embarrassing for us if we didn't like you. We'd probably feel terrible that we didn't like you and that you might feel awkward but we'd probably just tell you our heart isn't in it and we'd prefer you didn't do it again. lol. from personal experience, my opinion of you wouldn't change. as long as you didn't make things weird after the incident.

  • 1) If the guy was 100% completely sure that I liked him than I would want him to kiss without asking. If it was a date though and he was dropping me off at home than I would want him to ask.

    2) I would feel a little bit confused and unsure about myself. I would probably question what would he want from me if he knew I didn't like him "romantically"


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