Should I ask her if she wants to hang out?

Well, the first weekend of summer break has gone by and it's been great so far. In the whole month of May, I finally started talking and having many conversations with my crush on Facebook and at school, and during the last week of school I gathered up the courage to ask for her number after she wrote in my yearbook that she wanted to keep in touch. She seemed fine with exchanging numbers and for the last couple of days, we've had many conversations with texts about school and our personal lives, but mostly about our personal lives.

I usually have to initiate conversations, but a couple days ago she sent me a text asking if I was enjoying my summer so far, which is good because she was thinking of me during her day and that's a good sign that she's comfortable talking to me, right? I usually send her texts asking how her day was, hopefully showing that I'm interested in her, and she doesn't seem annoyed at all when I text her, she usually seems happy that I thought about her and texts back quickly.

Do you think it's too early to ask if she'd like to hang out? I don't want her to feel like I'm asking her out on a date. I'd like to invite her to my neighborhood pool with a couple of her friends and my friends, but I don't want to ask her too soon and have her avoid me for the rest of the summer.


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  • You might as well just ask if she wants to hang out.

    There is no such thing as asking "too early"...

    Either she likes you now OR she doesn't and she won't ever.

    Try making it seem like you're just hanging out, not a date, so she doesn't feel any pressure.

    I would gladly say yes to a guy who invited me to the pool with some friends. That sounds relaxing and fun!

    So good luck!

    • I asked and she thought it would be totally cool, and I think she got the message that it's just hanging out and not a date. She has a busy schedule this week, so I just told her to text me when she wants to swim. Hopefully we get to hang out soon! :)

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  • No man, if she's responding in the ways you described I think she'd be happy to hang out; I think she might even like you back a little bit, but maybe do the group meet involving her and you before you say "Hey, you wanna meet up?" "What, like with your friends and my friends again?" "No.. like, just us."

    Yeah, go for it.