Is there a problem with a 19 year old guy dating a 16 year old girl?

I've never had a girlfriend... I can't ever get a girl my age, because they're so fake and dumb a lot of the time, and somehow still immature.

but I think I have a younger girl interested in me, and she's 16. I'm one of the good guys that wants to stay a virgin so obviously I would respect this age difference and I just wanna keep it light and casual. I just want some dating experience and someone to date but I don't want this age difference to be an issue either.

I want to make sure my intentions are clear with her too... I'm not out to hurt anyone or disrespect them... do you think this would be ok?

i don't want a lasting relationship with her... just temporary and for fun... I want the experience of dating a girl so I can be more comfortable with it... my friends date girls that are younger all the time. I know I need to be careful tho...


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  • if your friends do it then there should be no issue !

    hm .. but that doesn't really sound like a good reason to get in this relationship ..

    if you know you just want a fun short relationship with her , she may want something more and deep.. It could end up bad with her always wanting to be serious .. thus starting fights and such.

    Thats not a good way to start a relationship knowing its not going to last & not be serious !

    • Thing is tho... I don't wanna give her false hope... I want to make my intentions clear from the start. I'm just worried about coming off as a player or something... I also have been hurt, so I don't want this to just be something to help ease my pain. :(

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  • i think its fine .. there's no age limit for love .

    I no a lot of people that date with an age gap and its completely okay.

    The age might be an issue because people might judge you... but if you reallly like her you can ignore their judgment on you two.

    Or you could just keep trying to find a mature girl your age ! lol

  • its probably illegal

    her parents probably wouldn't like it

    i don't think you should play with this girl. usually I'm a little wary of a guy who calls himself "one of the good guys" and for good reason ..lets face it, the real reason you're considering dating a 16 year old girl is because you can't attract girls of your own age. you're really trying to say that if you had the options of a 19 year old girl and a 16 year old girl, you would pick the one who just got her learners permit and is still answering to her mom? come on. also you said you don't want a lasting relationship with her, all you want is temporary fun and the experience of dating a girl. so basically you're thinking of just using her for experience like a practice girl? if she has feelings for you she would be pretty hurt if she knew that's how you really felt about her. you said that you're not out to be disrespectful or hurt her but everything else leads me to believe your intentions aren't right. yes there is a problem.

    • You're "wary" about my ability to be upfront and honest? THAT's what I find sad about girls... you almost have to manipulate them into liking you. You can't be upfront or honest otherwise they suspect bad things or the worst case scenario. maybe you mistake my upfrontness for trying to cover up something. or its a lie... NOT THE CASE! this is why I seem to have trouble getting girls in the first place anyways. I always try and tell the truth, and it always seems to be what kills my chances.

    • So you expect a girl to just believe anything that you say just because you say it? Yeah I see why you're into younger girls....

    • Im not even like "into" younger girls normally, but there's something about this girl... girls my age treat me like garbage if I pursue them and then go out with idiots so yeah, maybe I will start looking for a younger girl that might actually want to be with me... The games that girls play are sick and wrong! I just want someone that can be honest with me and not beat around the bush/string me along and show appreciation for me.

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  • When you go on a date cinema's etc... do you have to take her mum along as well lol

    seriously mate keeping it casual the girl is young so becarefull when you find someone more your age do not lead on her on my son