Hanging out?

I've been seeing someone that I was very serious with at one point in life. Now when we go out, he is affectionate, opens doors for me, holds my hand, pays for dinner but I do pay for other things when we are out because he doesn't make that much money. He doesn't call me often and it will be days before I even hear from him. He also refers to our outings as "hanging out" which is really starting to bother me. It was memorial day yesterday and instead of wanting to spend maybe one day of the long weekend with me, he chose to spend it in a small cabin in the middle of nowhere with his family. His parents live there. He will IM me but he does it at odd times when he knows I'm not on. Calls me hot stuff, cutie pie but keeps me at arm's length. We have had sex again but he doesn't come over for that and we don't do it each time we see each other. I'm just really confused and need to know if I should just forget this one. He broke up with me last July (09) and broke my heart. Started contacting me again in February. We've been going out every other weekend since April and did go out a few times when he contacted me in February. We didn't have sex again until April. At times I feel like he is using me and other times I think he cares. Needing some direction here. I'm 45 and not getting any younger. Thanks!


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  • He's just using you.


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