Does age really matter?

this is not about its about me dad and his new girlfriend and the age difference.

my dad just had his 45 b-day and his girlfriend I mean wife just had her 23 you think he's taking advantage of a child because of the age difference?do you think he should date some one his own age? The girl is old enough to be my big sister and it just weird.

About Dads Wife: Age:23 Race:Philippines Brain:stupid Her Skills:only can make white rice,is killing my dad.

About Dad: Age:45 Race:white Brain:really overly smart Skills:fix cars,likes country music,good job,has kids that hate him,has two sons and one daughter (me),favorite food is mexican food.not a husband to my mom no more.

About my mom: Age:45 Race:Native American Brain:slow at learning but loves to learn.Skills:loves old music,can cook all different food,loves her kids,nice to everyone and everyone is mean to her, doesn't want to get re-married

okay now who do you think is more perfect for my dad his new wife or my mom?


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  • You're obviously pretty biased in whom you'd prefer so, asking us to give you an opinion based solely on your second hand facts is a pretty silly notion. It is messed up that your father is dating someone who is so young, but it's really not your choice.

    • Honestly I don't think age matters. Some girls like older guys and don't its all preference. I don't think there's a problem unless the guy/girl is under 18. There both considered adults and make their own choices, it all depends on the chemistry and how they feel with each other. Just like young girls going like OMG I would marry Brad Pitt or George Clooney, and the age difference would be about the same as the relationship your talking about now.

    • It's different when you bring children into the equation. If you're an older man and you're dating girls that are the same age as your daughter, you're crossing some courtesy boundaries.

    • You're really comparing this to a young girl having a crush on an older actor. Do you really think a 15 year old girl would like it if George Clooney touched her inappropriately?...probably not. How would you like it if you found out your Mom was sleeping with a guy who was young enough to be your brother. I don't know about you but I wouldn't be very pleased

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  • Sounds like your Dad got himself a young, mail-order bride. Ultimately it doesn't matter who I (or you) think is better for your Dad. He's going to make his own decisions.


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  • You're in an extremely sticky situation sweetie. Obviously you want you're Mom and your Dad back together and that's completely understandable but what I think you need to do is talk to your Dad about this. If you are uncomfortable with his new wife (and you should be) you need to tell him. I would be very upset if I were in your situation but you need to talk to someone within your family who can help you sort this out. It isn't really my place to say but I think your Dad is making a mistake. At the same time your Dad sounds like a great guy obviously you love him. Why do you think he's made this decision to marry someone who obviously is incompatible with him? I'm saying chances are mid-life crisis (my Dad bought a motorcycle for his.) He's just trying to feel young again maybe? But he's doing it at the expense of your relationship with him. Talk to him. Tell him how you fell. It'll help

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