Any advice for the first time I meet my boyfriend?

This will be my first time meeting him in person,So I was wondering what would be proper actives/Games/dating/sexual if anything and stuff to do with him?

He'll be staying for 2 weeks to an entire month or so.

been together online as boyfriend and girlfriend for about 8 months, I've known him for about 2 years and he's always been a really good guy .he helped me get over my fears and shyness also.

So advice anyone?

also I don't wanna hear about your young you shouldn't be dating online, you should dump him and find someone closer.

Also he's 22 I'll be 18 by the time he visits.


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  • Play it by ear. Start out with picnics, outings to see the area, etc. so he can see your environment. Then, as he gets to know more about where you come from, which is always a worthwhile investment, let things develop. Don't let yourself be pressured into anything you don't feel right about. Yes he is traveling to meet you, but he is making the investment and he needs to find out who you really are in person. That will include your mannerisms, etc., so be yourself, no matter what anyone else says. It might help to pray throughout the process and see what God gives you for guidance, since He knows both of you better than you do.


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  • dont go all the way right away. wait at least a week or 2. You guys have known each other for a long time, so don't be afraid to do anything. If it feels right, go for it.

    You guys should go to the movies or the lake or something. Playing halo or even watching a movie at home is always good, simple fun.