I have always been told if a guy is interested he will text you, and not to text them.

so I met this guy a while ago, and we just recently started talking. mostly in texts only 1 phone convo late at night and partially drunk (on my part, he was sober)

He has said to me "I am very interested in you" and he asked me out on a date for later this week, but he doesn't ever call and only sends me a text like every other day...usually asking about my day or saying hey beautiful what's up. I guess he is interested, but what's up with the just texting only every other day and never calling?

So, I have been wanting to talk to him but of course he hasn't said anything in the past few days...and since I have always been told if a guy is interested he will text you and not to text them or you will seem desperate, I'm thinking about just waiting to see if he says anything...



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  • He could be busy with other things or he could be waiting to see if you text/call him. I do the exact same thing. If you are the one that always has to send the first text or always calls the other person then that (at least this is how I view it) shows that the other person isn't really interested. If I am the one that is always sending the first text then I think she just isn't interested in me so I move on.

    And to seem desperate by calling/texting him you have to call/text him first like 5 different times a day. If you text him first every other then it does not look like you are desperate, it looks like you are interested.

    Oh and just a quick question about the desperate thing - if you texting them and appearing desperate is wrong then why is it ok to make him call/text you everyday so he appears desperate?


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  • he could be not wanting to freak you out, I wouldn't text a girl to much if I hadn't taken her out yet just to make sure I didn't creep her out. it could be that or he just changed his mind. for your sake I hope it is the former. if you want to end the tension just give him a call and tell him you just wanted to talk, but make sure you stay in a nice bouncy voice so he doesn't assume something is wrong. hope it works out for and I hope this helps. good luck

  • It could be anything, work, family etc. Maybe he prefers txt or you could just ask him he knows...


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