How do you rekindle something with a guy that you hurt before?

long story short this guy and I were dating for 3 months. I broke it off and he was pretty hurt, and he acted quite cold towards me. well it been almost a year and he called me the other day said he wanted to say hi see how I was doing. does this mean he still has feelings? or just wanted to clear the air? I'm thinking about calling him soon and inviting him to go run with me since we used to do it all the time while we were dating. is this a good idea? any other advice? any experience on a situation like this? thanks in advance!


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  • Sure, take it as an opening. But don't restart with him if you're just going to change your mind again and dump him! That's like a cliche situation.

    You probably know that usually history just repeats itself in this situation!

    • Thanks for you advice! he ended up calling me again and asked me if I wanted to go running! good sign??

    • Yes, that's a safe way to start; you can talk things through without pressure. Good luck, you know the odds are against you, but sometimes things work better the 2d time around. Just be sure..really sure...

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  • You can invite him for the run and see what he says. If he agrees, it means there is a good chance for both of you. If he says he's not free, he's probably just finding out how you are doing.

    • Yeah ill invite him. good idea. I guess there's nothing to loose! I just hope there is a chance!! thanks!