Can't stop clamming up around girls I like?

Okay well this particular girl that I think is attractive, but it is like her and this other guy are always hanging out. I tend to be kind of corny and goofy. This happens a lot with me, yet it seems like I am thinking to myself how can I get this girl to notice me. That I am just as funny and unique and smart. In my head at this point there is not much I can do, since she even waits for him after class and I don't want to come off as a **** blocker, etc.. There are some other pretty girls, I don't know why I seem to be attracted to her over the other girls. Need some advice on this.


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  • Ok lets see if I was in her shoes an I seemed interested in him (the other guy) I would say don't be ADVERAGE it won't work being funny is a good thing but it doesn't make you stand out...females loves guys that takes interest in what they do...anything you guys have in common? maybe you can spark up something from that but don't be fake an act like you like something when you dont...we can tell an it makes you look pretty pathetic when you do so we just smile an think aww how cute...I say go for it even tho I was into one guy a lot of times my direction steered to someone else an the main reason why is because I noticed him talking an hanging with other attractive females an being flirty with them (wink) females (who know they look good) like men we can't get as easily or who act as if we are not all makes us want there attention...well that's my opinion for some females it may be different...hope this helps


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  • Why don't you try being friends with her?

    Ask for her help if you missed a class and want the notes.

    Purposefully miss that class and ask her help in understanding what was taught.

    This way at least you can start talking with her.

    If she likes your company, she will start hanging out with you too.

    But it will take some time. It is not as if she will start hanging out with you the next day.

    Maintain contact. Try to talk with her at every possible opportunity. If possible, form a study group.

    If you are strong in some subject in which she is not that proficient, volunteer to coach her on that subject.

    And while you are studying with her, talk with her about her interests and likes, dislikes. That way you will know if there is something common between you two.