Being played?

The other day I was at a family party with a girl I knew from High School. She's just graduating and I am in college. We always flirted a little when we saw each other since we both liked each other at some point in time but this time she was a lot more physical. I really thought she liked me and such but when I tried to kiss her she turned her cheek. I just thought it was because everyone was around including her parents. We end up talking online for the next few days. Earlier I was reading one of the surveys she took on myspace and in it she basically said her heart was with a guy that was way out of state. Am I just being played? Should I just cut my losses and move on? Or does she actually have feelings for me?


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  • Okay well I think that you should just go and ask her said that she was physical with you and all s0o0o0o0o I think that she's into you and plus the myspace thing she could just be talking about you.Take a chance ask her out .Good Luck : ]

    • Its not me on her myspace. I know who it is.

    • Well I would still go for and not even worry about that guy because people write all type of stuff on myspace

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  • Her reluctance may have been due to the setting. I think you should give it one more shot and see if she will kiss you when not surrounded by 50 people. If she does, yay! If not, well then, it may be time to cut your losses and move on. Good luck!


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  • Oh man cut your losses now and move on my friend do it before you really start to get attached to her, cause if you don't you are going to have hell to pay later, she will flirt and she will talk to you and she will seem completely into you but nope her minds on another guy, trust me happened to me once problem was she never mentioned she had a bf. When women do this I think they see you as a guy who is replacing her boyfriend since he's not there with her, the only thing different is that you don't get to kiss her. She is boosting her self esteem and probably using you to get over her loneliness of not having her boyfriend with her. Its what I like to call a mind fu** DO NOT get yourself involved with this cause it sucks trying to get out of it. If she would have let you kiss her then you would have had a chance but she didn't she's not the cheating type and so move on man move on trust me.