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Are relationships worth waiting for? And, do men get over relationships sooner?

I'm having a tough time getting back into the dating game, I find myself either not seeing any real potential in people or the people I do see it in distance drives us apart (I've had 2 potential relationships go by way of the dodo bird because they were too far to really make it work). I want to have a serious relationship again, but I'm wondering if I should "serial date" as they say? Do you think it will help soothe my wounds?

Back story:
I got out of a serious relationship a year ago this May, and by serious I mean we had lived together for 2 and a half years and were best friends prior to starting our romantic relationship. By all intense and purposes we were star crossed lovers, we met on a fluke and hit it off right away. We were "friends" for a year and a half before starting our relationship, and by "friends" I mean him and I were inseparable and slept in the same bed entwined with one another.

The relationship had a lot of ups and downs, mostly ups but ultimately I was going through a depressive slump during and after my thesis and he wanted to move across the country which I just wasn't ready for. Our relationship's trust had been shaken because he had lied to me a few times and I lost my confidence in him, so moving across country and me being totally isolated didn't seem like a good idea.

We had a massive blow up, fueled by emotions. I came home, he'd packed all of his things and said he was leaving. He wanted to stay in this limbo monogamist state but I told him to get lost. Fast forward to August and he begins dating a woman in the new Province he lives in, he's posting about her, pictures together, etc.. They've been together ever since. Of course we still have mutual friends so I see the photos meanwhile we decided to keep our relationship OFF of FB and social media (I like privacy).

I feel like he's over it entirely (is he?), I'd like to believe I'm "over it", but it's a scar. I want something serious again, but how should I go about it?
Are relationships worth waiting for? And, do men get over relationships sooner?
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