What are the chances of this "plan" working?

To cut a long story short: my friend had sex with this guy she was NOT seeing only casual friends with. because ANOTHER guy thought that my friend liked him there was a HUGE argument between the 2 guys and since this nobody within that "group" likes my friend very much. In that group me & my friend are a 'package' , I was the one getting invites etc but I ALWAYS ALWAYS brought her when it was ok.

Since this mess the invites to me have faded out, when I text the guy I was seeing (not boyfriend/girlfriend but definately SEEING) that I hadn't seen him in a long time he agreed & said we would have to meet up soon (said this last week).

My guy friend Tony has recently started hanging out regularly within the "group" & told me the reason I don't get invited is because they don't want me to bring my friend along. I have talked to people from the "group" text/online and everyone has been friendly with me, no changes. So Tony said he would casually bring up how my friend didn't want to be hanging out in the group etc and they should invite me because he knows she won't tag along.

Do you think this could sort out me not getting invited?

(btw my friend is ok with all of this!)

  • Yes this will work because it's resolving the problem of them not knowing if your friend will turn up with you
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  • It might resolve it but they might need some extra convincing as you 2 were ALWAYS a package!
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  • No this won't work!
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  • Well, you've run into something that is fairly universal between guys that are friends. I think it's most typically called "Bro's before ho's", but there are other names for it. I think everyone gets the general idea, in that two guys agree not to fight over a girl.

    It usually is also agreed upon not to have that particular girl around from that point forward. But a lesser known is that no one who associates with that girl (girls and guys both) are able to socialize either. The premise being that those that associate have a loyalty to the girl who started the trouble in the first place and they may go and report back certain things, or the mere fact that they are associated with someone the collective doesn't want around.

    Depending on how serious these guys take this, Tony could wind up being cast out, or even get beat up for defending you and your friend.

    There is a greater possibility that this will not happen and they are not that serious about the "code", but I point it out because it has happened before.

    To sum it up good luck, and remember, high school is temporary so long as you don't hang around it a lot, savvy?


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