When a guy calls a girl suddenly, what does that mean?

See, I got this close guy friend. I do have feelings for him, but I don't know if the feelings are mutual. He is the type who would just not mind anything he finds troublesome. If he doesn't have cellphone load, he won't bother buying some just to text. He is also the laid back, lazy type. I happened to send a group message about an annoyance I was having. He didn't have load, so I knew he wouldn't text back. Seconds later, an unknown number called me up. I didn't answer it of course. I asked the number who he was. It turned out that it was him. He said he was just checking up on me. He borrowed the phone from a friend of his. As soon as he heard that I was fine, he was satisfied. What could that mean?


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  • It means he was interested in your well being. Take that how you will, but I'd say it's a decent sign.


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  • he sooo likes you and really cares about you

    you should talk to him about how you feel I bet the feelings are mutual :)

    hope I helped !

    oh could you please answer my question {on the man the stares at me }im just trying to gather as much information as I can thank you :)