Girls would you date a guy who still lived with his parents?

Many ways to interpret this question I will be interested in seeing the answers.


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  • Don't worry about it if:

    -you're currently going to school

    -you have told her you have plans to move out SOON (as in the next few months, not the next few years)

    -have a very high paying job

    -you're under 24

    - you have a very secluded area of the house... i.e. guest house or separate wing where parents would never go

    -you're EXTREMELY hot

    Worry about it it if:

    -you're over 25

    -you're not going to college

    -you have no definite plans for the future

    -you're not plannign on moving ou tin the next few months

    -you have no job

    -you're room is right next to mom and dad's

    • DAM! I'm over 25 in 2 months
      I don't yet have plan nor reason to move out yet

      I'm doomed to be forever alone!

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  • It would really depend on the guy and the situation.

    How much do I like the guy?

    How old is he?

    Why does he live with his parents?

    How independent is he? Does he have experience living on his own?

    What does he have going for him?

    I had a conversation with a friend of mine last night about this. He's 25 and lives at home and was asking, "Who would be interested in dating a 25 year old who still lives with his mom?"

    But my friend is a great guy. He has a Master's degree, a steady job, a car, no student debt or other debt, and a good chunk of change in the bank that he's saving for a down payment on a house (he's looking for a new job in his field, as its a difficult field to get into and his current job isn't related--and he plans on buying a house as soon as he knows where he's going to be working in case he needs to relocate). He can cook, clean, do his own laundry, manage his money, and has experience living on his own (while he was in school), so he definitely has the life skills and doesn't expect a woman to take care of him. Would I date him or someone in his situation? Definitely!

    Would I date a guy who lives with his parents because they fell ill and he moved back home to take care of them? For sure.

    Would I date a guy who lives with his parents because he dropped out of school, has no job, and needs mommy to take care of him? No.

    I think the only negative things about dating a guy who still lives with his parents are that 1) you'll probably have to meet his parents a little sooner than you would if he lives on his own, and 2) it might make things awkward as far as spending the night or being intimate at his place.

    • Yeah I got a job and I'm going to college. I'm saving money right now, I could probably move out now and scrape by for a while or I continue to save a little while longer and not have to worry quite as much. I also save money back because I want children some day and my parents said you should start saving a long time before if you want kids, Don't know if that is kind of weird but I do. And I'm 20 about to turn 21 by the way.

  • It would depend on the circumstances. My last boyfriend lived with his parents. We both go to college and he lives so close to campus it was smarter financially for him to do so. However, his mom would text him all the time and he'd have to ask permission to stay over at my apartment. It worked for a while but not long term. It's just so much sexier when a guy has his own place, paying his own bills, and no parents around that he answers to. Shows he's a grown man.

    This is all dependent on age however. Most girls are ok dating a guy that still lives with his parents up to a certain age and then it's just a dealbreaker.

  • yup shur what's wrong with that nothing !

    i would anyway but that's me !

    hope this helped :)

    oh could you please answer my question {on the man that stares at me} thank you :)

  • Depends what the circumstances are of why he is living with his parents. If he has a job and banking that money to some day be on his own sure. But how awkward would it be to go back to his place? The last guy I dated lived with his parents and he wouldn't bring me back home to his house because he said his mother was crazy. I wasn't the only one he wouldn't allow at his house even some guy friends and past girls so it wasn't just me :]. If he has motivation to be on his own someday sure! Just think at least his credit an bills can't be mounds high if he has a job and not paying much rent right? I think a man who is more independent is better though.

    • Most apartments around here cost around $1000 a month. I work and go to college so when I'm done for the day its dark and there ain't much time to look aorund for places to stay. I think I would have a problem bring a girl home because it would feel very weird that I still live here but there is a good reason for that.

    • Then I feel there is nothing wrong with that because you are working on your future. College is expensive enough and the time away from home there is no sense of renting a place until you can enjoy it! Some females will not agree with this as they want a man with more independence but I am sure when you are done with school with a great job you will be on your own.

  • It's not a problem.

  • yes because I do too><


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  • K over 25, wife took the house, and got evicted, so I can't get my own place till the eviction is off my record. So I don't know how ladies feel about that?

  • if you go to college, I don't think there's anything wrong, you say you get home at dark anyways why pay 1000 a month to sleep and take showers... College is so expensive it makes me want to cry lol. like over half of college expenses is living expenses so why not get it for free