Is it too soon to ask a guy to hang out for the first time?

I've known him for a short time, we've started talking on Facebook and I use to see him a lot last year but then we lost touch but recently I seen him on the bus (Public Transit) and we were talking as we got off he said it was his day off he was bored and so he going to wander the mall so I told him he should come my work because we've got cool stuff too and it felt like ten minutes after I clocked in he came to visit and when he came in he looked at the front lead smiled and got all read while saying he's knows me and we were talking asked my name then he said his name too and his facial expressions and body movements made it seem like he's me and I could see something possible but I can bullsh*t from the truth and I didn't really see any so can you help?

Hopelessly yours


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  • ill ask a girl out immediately. games are stupid. I'm on the 4 month plan yeah right.


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