Why won't my girlfriend text me anymore?

So I was talking to my girlfriend a while ago and we were just talking normally when all of a sudden she stops right in the middle of class and hasn't text me since,(about 3 days) I haven't done anything wrong. Also I messaged her on Facebook and she told me that she had to go right away, she keeps reading my messages but won't reply to them... What is going on? Also I can't confront her about it in person since I have no way to meet with her at the moment. And I found out that she does still have her phone.

never mind guys, she ended things


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  • Give her some space and don't suffocate her. She talk when she's ready.


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  • maybe she's annoyed and thinks that you are too needy. maybe you text her too much. she might just need a break, and if, she wants to stay with you, then let her make the next move in the relationship.


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  • When this happens to me I just do it right back at her. Don't text or call. Wait 'till she texts you. Maybe there's something going on in her life right now that you are not aware of. Perhaps she lost interest in you. Whatever it is don't push it with texting, calling and messaging on Facebook. She'll call you when she's ready to talk.