How can I break this texting thing?

Okay so he's my first boyfriend and I've been dating him for 4 months now. We started our relationship through texting. Like I started talking to him by text and we slowly started talking in person. But the thing that bothers me now that were going out, is that we text all day and we barley talk on the phone and I don't know how to break that cycle. I want to talk to him on the phone but I'm so used to just texting him that I don't have the courage to just call him like I'm comfortable with him in person and everything but I don't know why I get like this when it comes to calling him. I just think texting too much is so impersonal. Like I don't want to have all my conversations of the day through text with him and have like serious ones through text. I just think its stupid. So I need help how can I change this? I know it can be simple and I could simply just stop texting him but I don't know like I just need advice. Please help and thank you :)


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  • It's been four months and you can't talk on the phone with him? Listen, what you need to do is start calling him. If he doesn't respond well to that, then start taking a long time to text him back and call him if it's anything important. Even if it's only for a minute or two, everything starts with baby steps, and calling him periodically is the very first step. Call him at night time and talk to him about your day or whatever. Laugh and be happy, because if he doesn't like talking on the phone then he wont. Make him happy to just hear your voice and he will quickly warm up to the idea of talking over the phone. Me and my girlfriend call each other all the time throughout the day for anything small or big, even to just say what we are going to be doing or I love you. We also text all the time in between phone call, but we try to call each other as often as possible. I think it's so important to talk ear to ear as often as possible, especially with your spouse, because it's nice to hear your love's voice, it's better to work out conflict or relay information, and it's also a way to refresh how her/his attitude is, so you don't mistake sarcasm or anger for seriousness or happiness. Just keep calling him and things will get much better :)

    • Thank you so much for the advice :)

    • No problem, I'm happy to help :) You should select as best answer :)

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  • Text him and ask if you could call! If it's a good time, he'll say yes; and if it's not, he'll tell you to call him later instead. That way you don't have to worry about interrupting him or anything-- takes some of the stress away from the calling.