Just met, can't tell if he's interested?

OK so I've been talking to a guy online off and on for a few months. like 2 weeks ago he randomly sent me his cell number one day and we've been texting pretty regularly since then. there's been friendly flirting but a lot of regular conversation too. I made it clear that I'm not a random chick, nor am I into random or casual sex. a few days ago he randomly called me to ask about a status message I had online, we talked for a couple hours. we've been talking and texting a lot since then. yesterday we ended up hanging out. I went to his house we talked for awhile, he took me over to meet some of his friends, I warned him before hand that I was shy around new people so I talked to them a little and tried to join the conversation when I could. we ended up going back to his place and watching a movie. by the time it was over it was like 2 am and I was half asleep. When I mentioned going home he made a comment about me staying. we talked for a bit and he moved over on his bed and told me if I wanted to stay to lay down. I really wasn't feeling the drive home and I am into him so I did. I spent the night. he never made a move. at one point he had me cornered and the only comfortable way to lay was with my arm over him, which I did and he didn't say anything. halfway through the night I couldn't get comfortable anymore and ended up slipping my jeans off. he was aware that I did it and he asked if it was a hint. I responded with a laugh and told him that I'd warned him I don't get into the random thing. we went back to sleep. I know he told me once that he'd spent the night with a girl that he was trying to date and never made a move on her because she didn't tell him it was ok. I just don't know if I should expect to hear from him or if it should get chalked up as a fun night with a cute guy and no big loss?


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  • He's interested.


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