Should you stop hanging with a friend just because he's her ex?

I'm the ex and some time after we broke up she the two end up dating I'm over her already it's just that the friend told me she didn't him to be friends with is that especially since me and the friend have known each other before they dated and we all went to the same school.


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  • it can cause drama. I tell you my story.

    My boyfriend at the time was an ex fling to my best friend, but he never showed any true interest with her. She went and got engaged and my boyfriend was always wanting to know what she was doing and talking about her. Finally he admitted he still had feelings for her and cheated on me with her and left me. There married now and I'm not close friends with either of them as I used to be.

    Your ex can possibly be wondering what you are doing and does/doesn't want to hear about you. You being friends with the person he's dating can cause arguments, suspicion and jealousy. It may ruin the friendship or the relationship.

    If you do want to stay friends with the guy and the girl isn't quite comfortable with it just keep some distance for a while as their relationship grows. Cause the way it sounds she's not over or still bitter about you.


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