Girls, would you date a 19 or a 20 year old?

OK so quick question. I am 19 and finishing my 2nd year of college. I have been told (and sorta think myself) that I am much more mature than most guys/girls my age. So I am wondering does age matter all that much? In other words, girls, would you be more apt (on average) to go want to go out with/ask out a 19 year old guy or is 20 like the "magic number" so to speak. So does being 19, in your minds, carry a connotation of being immature, or not really worth "serious" dating or no?

If I'm not making sense than just let me know and I'll try to reword it. Thanks ;)


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  • Not necessarily, I've meet a lot of people who are 18-19 who are super responsible and mature. I've also met people who are 45 and act/make decisions like they're still in high school. For me, it's all on the personality of the person and if there's chemistry or not.


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