What do guys think of women who put up a wall?

women who put up a wall

and are afraid of opening up to a guy when your dating?


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  • Depends on how hot she is.

    The amount of crap a man has to put up with has to be less than or equal to her hotness.

    That's for most guys.

    For me though its like this:

    I'm looking at my watch thinking: "Ok, if I end this date in early enough I can call "Jen" and go out with her."

    • I don't really get it

      so if she's hot ur gonna keep on dating her even though she's boring? but if not ur gonna ditch her?

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    • For me personally, she has to be interesting and attractive or I leave. Life's to short to be wasting it on some girl you don't like.

    • You should really be asking "how do I open up to a guy".

      At least you've recognized there is a problem.

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  • How bad a case of 'putting up a wall' are we talking here? If she's not really willing to talk about anything other than the weather then I imagine most guys losing interest really fast.

  • depends

  • Great question... I have run into this in my life, several times... I thnk it's sad. It really is. When a girl can't love herself, you really can't help her- or so I thought... they can be helped... just gotta let the sort it out for themselves.


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