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Safe to assume there is no second date with this guy?

Went on a first date with this guy, I personally wasn't that impressed by him because he wouldn't stop talking about going to bars and going out at night. He was all over the place in conversation, maybe he was nervous. He's a banker and my first time meeting one. I just got this impression that he just likes to go out and meet people, but there wasn't anything more from him. I'm someone who likes culture and the arts, so I wouldn't say I'm passionate about bars.

After the end of the date, he got all nervous and wouldn't stop fixing his hair and went quiet. Completely a different person to the one I had lunch with few minutes ago. I don't have his number as we never exchanged it via the app, and just been staying in touch via there. He originally wanted to pay for the bill, but I insisted we split it as I didn't want to owe him anything.

At the end, I said it was nice to meet you and he gave me a side hug (though he had things in his hand too) and then said stay in touch and gave me a squeeze on the upper arm.

Not sure what he thought about me, but it felt as if he was a bit intimidated by me near the end with him fixing his hair and clothes when we left the restaurant. Safe to assume there won't be a second date?
Safe to assume there is no second date with this guy?
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