Should I contact him or not?

so I went on a date with someone I liked quite a bit. I thought it went nice, I was all at peace afterward. the conversation was pretty natural and fun - he finished the date, payed, opened doors, joked around, told me sort of intimate things about his family - said at least three different times that he 'had a really good time' and that I can call him anytime. now, I would have just waited to see if he got in touch with me, but I was leaving town soon to go back to I texted him to say thanks a few days later because I knew I probably wouldn't talk to him for quite a while otherwise. now I'm back in town for the summer and was hoping to get to know him I texted him to say hi/I'm in town etc...nothing I would assume he's just not that into me? right? or should I take into consideration that he's a cautious/quiet type of guy or his # might have changed (again) - - - it seems like I should just get over it and let life take me where it wants, messaging him online is a bad idea right?


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  • did you mess up? communication works two ways, him saying everything and you just listening and not sharing says the date was bad for him...what's worse is that you didn't call him back the next day and waited a few days later, a sign to him that you didn't like the date...

    • Actually it went down pretty equally by the end - at first I was talking more, got him laughing within five minutes, I talked more during dinner too- although he seemed interested in stories and happy to share when I asked questions.. then after we came out of a movie he loosened up a lot and talked more than I had ever heard him talk in my life - was it really bad I didn't call ? I didn't think he was really expecting it cause I was leaving town - I don't know how to pursue lol

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    • You can call if not already done so and email..they are not the same method

    • Thankyou kindly :)

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  • You texted him Hi already and that's all you can do right now. Just be patient. If he doesn't respond in 2 days then you already know that he was just not that into you but texting him or callin him or trying to contact him in other ways more than once shows a bit desperation and could turn him off if he ever planned to respond. You don't want to do that. I know it suks waiting but patience is necessary for things to unfold-The truth. Never chase a man. Never. If he wants to talk to you, he will come to you but in the meantime, you date others and be positive about this. This is all apart of dating. you win some and you lose some but you never give up no matter what.

    • Thats what I figured I did all I can..thanks!