Constant texting, wrong or right?

so the thing is, about a year ago, a guy from my grade 3 class found me on fb and asked me for my phone no. we had lost contact because I moved and transferred schools and we used to be okay friends. ever since then, we've been having text message conversations (yeah for 1 year running no kidding) back and forth with the occasional flirting. I don't see him often cos we live far apart and go to different schools so obviously we communicate only by texting or msn. sometimes he sends stuff like "i just saw this girl who's cute and looks kinda like you" or "aww its alright, I still love you. just joking." am I giving him the wrong impression by constantly texting him?


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  • That totally depends on what you write him ;)

    And as no one here is able to know this, you're the only person to tell if you make him false hope or not.

    Basically though a lot of guys take chat-messaging way too serious and think like "Wow, she's texting me so often, she must really, really(!) like me!?". Then again a lot of girls take chat-messaging way too less serious (do you say it that way? omg my english this morning...)!

    I mean, some girls flirt and flirt and flirt and don't think about the consequences and yes, this would be considered making false hope.

    I do realize many, many girls just chat to let some time pass by - they chat to have fun. Sometimes guys get that, sometimes guys don't.

    And you can't really do anything about that except for carefully choosing your words. E.g.: don't use nicknames like honey or something like that, don't be too teasing with certain comments, i.d.k. If he's too teasing, just comment with "... in your dreams..." or somethinglike that.

    Chat messaging is all about a persons perception. Either they're realistic or they cling to some idea they made up in their mind based about the stuff written...


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