How to plan the best date with your spouse?

It is usually the same old same things we do as a couple during the week. I want to try something we can both enjoy, to bond better and to open ourselves to new experiences. I'm wanting to know how to plan a really good date night or day. Sometimes we do new things and it feels kinda not fun. We don't talk much and just quiet. What would be some fun getting to know questions you can ask? We have been together for almost 2 years now. and been engaged for half a year now. How could I make our dates more fun, employable and memorable? Thanks


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  • Not sure if this is true in your case, but some date activities aren't that great for conversation (e.g., movies, sporting events, concerts, etc.) because the focus is on the entertainment rather than the person you're with. Something like going to a beach or a high point like a mountain to see the sunset might be better because, until the sun sets, there won't be as much to do other than talk to each other. Hiking might be another good option if you into that. Being in the woods by yourselves should give you a good chance to talk.

    As far as questions, I remember a book my girlfriend got a few months after we started dating called "The Book of Questions" that has a bunch of questions (deep ones that aren't very easy to answer) designed to help couples get to know each other better. You could try getting something like that and opening it to random pages and talking about how each of you would answer the questions.

    A few good questions I can think of offhand: 1. If you could re-live one day in your life, which would it be? 2. If you could change one decision you've made it your life, would you? Which one? 3. If you were going to a deserted island and could take only 3 things with you, what would you take?


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