How to show a guy you are attracted to them?

I know guys are immune to many of the subtle things girls do when they like a guy. What are some ways to show a guy you are interested in them without being too bold or too subtle, like for example a guy in your summer class. We were assigned a group project together (with one other guy) so that may create some opportunities.


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  • That's funny, 'immune' isn't the word I'd use, I think 'unaware' would be nearer to the mark.

    Regardless; I think smiles are a good sign. If you give him a smile and a look that says "Heeeeey :)" it may send the right signal, while being fairly subtle. If you're kind of friends with him, or can at least talk to him, just kind of be attentive to him, turn towards him if he's talking. Just show you like talking to him, that you like being around him, near him, and interacting with him. That might be a little forthright, but nothing is really going to be a one-time-he-knows deal; You will need to continue to smile, give him looks, talk to him, and show you like him in small ways for him to pick up on the pattern.

    But yeah, I think smiles and eyes are good.

    • Good stuff. I've already been doing these things so I guess my intuition is right. I started sitting next to him every time we have class, talking and joking with him and smiling at him in a kind of coy, playful way. He's been reciprocating and I definitely feel some sort of spark between us. Would it be fair to say that if he doesn't ask me out eventually after all my "hints" he's "not that into me"? (I met him like three weeks ago)

    • On the contrary, it can take a while (and I mean a while) for him to fully realize what he's actually doing by talking and flirting, to come to the realization that you like him and he likes you, and then work up the courage to ask you out. But don't worry, just enjoy what you have now; If it goes a while and he doesn't seem to be moving, step up the flirting a small notch and see if he goes with it.

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  • If he still hasn't found out that you are interested in him (its been two days since you asked this Q)

    Stare at him when he is not looking but do it in a cute way. He will probably know that you are staring at him from the corner of his eye and he will let you do it too.

    That is a really important way... Lolz

    Laugh at his jokes and smile at him. Keep all your attention on him when you are with him in a group of people.

    Ask him for his number and call him. Have late night chats with him. When your Texting, I.M. or on Facebook end your conversations with an "iluvu", then sign off.

    Thats all iv got..Lolz hope it helps you.


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  • Just do what comes naturally. Laugh at his jokes and smile at him, touch him when it's appropriate (use your discretion I guess) and compliment him. Try to avoid being clingy because guys hate that. Show him that you're a hot commodity by flirting with the other guy in your group, but make sure you focus most of your attention toward the guy you actually like. Text him witty remarks about something that happened in class that day and if you feel comfortable doing so, ask him out to lunch or to grab a cup of coffee after class one day to "work' on your project. Just go with the flow and I'm sure he'll get the message. Good luck!