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Boyfriend of 5 years left me for a girl who didn't want him and he's back a week later?

One night when I was at work late, he went out with his mates and went to this girl's house. I didn't hear from him that night. I was told the next day that his phone had died but was later told that his mates turned it off to I couldn't contact him. he changed everything that was us on his Facebook to him and his mates and this girl I had never seen before. Several pictures of those two together. That was that, He moved in with his mates.

We started talking again but only when he wanted to and denied he liked her. We started sleeping together again but I knew he wasn't

about me. He would pick me up and drop me, I was devastated as he is my first love.

He stopped talking to me altogether, I went to where he lived, tried to call and text but no reply. His mates told me that he said he liked the girl. That day he turned up at the gym when I was. And he dumped me for her. So I cried, shouted at him and walked out. We didn't talk for a week solid.

I knew it was time to move on because he left me, right? He emailed me 7 days later. Unbeknownst to me, the girl he liked had started dating someone else! We met up that night because I was sick of the texting. He said his grandparents made him block my number, he never liked this girl, he loved me and he threw up when I told him I kissed someone else after we broke up. I tried to get over him in any way possible. It hurt so bad. He said his family made him say all of these things because they didn't like me. But I was thinking how can you do that to me after 5 years together? I can believe it but he is the biggest liar I've met but he's my best friend.

So I slept with the guy I kissed in the end when we weren't together. And it was the best sex I've had. He then caught feelings and I wasn't ready and then my ex wanted me back and I loved him. I keep thinking about the other guy who has now 'moved on' but is always willing to meet up but I'm scared of losing my ex. i dont think i can get over this. What if she liked him?
Boyfriend of 5 years left me for a girl who didn't want him and he's back a week later?
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