Guys how would you interpet this kiss?

OK, I really need doctor (which I really like) and have been consulting for 2-3 years, gave me a long tight hug and finished with a very hesitant & soft kiss on the side of my lips. I then gave him a kiss on his cheek - he withdrew blushing & looked as if he fell back against the wall for support... I was a bit blown away by everything so I quickly said goodbye and left his rooms. 1) How shall I interpret this kiss?

2) How will you interpret a kiss on the cheek in response? He hasn't contacted me since that day and I am scared he might think I am not interested.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Unless he's your uncle he's not going to misinterpret the kiss. People do NOT go around kissing each other when they're not sexually interested. So don't be silly, of course he knows you're interested.

    Usually I'd say "Let him wear his Big Boy Pants" because he'll contact you if he's interested... but your current relationship confuses me.

    If he's your doctor, then I'm guessing you must contact him and make an appointment to see him. Right?

    Does he even have your contact information? Can you contact him directly or do you go through his receptionist?

    This is a rare case where I think it's okay for you to send him your contact info with a note that says, "Amazing new Dessert and Coffee house just opened up. Wanna join me this week? Let me know Lisa: 555-555-5555"

    ~ Robby

    • Are you nuts? This Dr could lose his license. Sexual conduct with a patient

      is a NO NO and he knew it the second she returned that kiss on his cheek.

      It's a Dr office..... NOT A DATING SITE. He could be brought up on charges.

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    • Attraction is tension. Anticipation. Excitement.

      If you blabber on about the "incident" because you want clarity, you'll kill it, and you might scare him away.

      So don't get all logical with words and such. Simply flirt, act interested, and see what he does.

      Just realize that once you're dating he can't be your doctor any more.

    • Thanks 4 the super good advice! :)

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  • 1) He is definitely into you

    2) Yeah, he might interpret your kiss as "ah well, you seem nice, but I'm not into you".

    In your situation, I would just tell him how you feel.

  • If you are a patient probably a stupid or desperate thing he has done, must really like you to do that...


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  • Of course he knows he can't date you like Louise123 said, but there are ways around that. If you meet him outside his work you won't meet him as your doctor but just as a regular person, he could be anyone. So I would go with what Robby said: Ask him out on a date. And don't kiss him in his office.

    • Lol: Easier said than done! :) I'll try to behave next time I'm in his office