Should I ask him to hang out?

My friend Dylan and I have been friends since last year we've always talked in school and I always thought of his as just a friend. A couple weeks ago I started having feelings for him. We've texted every night since last Tuesday. I think he found out I liked him last Friday and Monday and Tuesday he texted me first and I thought it was a good sign.

But I don't know how he feels and yesterday we didn't text but we always talk in school. Should I text him? Should I bring up like hanging out because this is going like nowhere and I still can't tell if he likes me or not. Should I ask him how he feels or to hang out or text him first?


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  • If you need to know then you should ask him. I think that face to face is better than texting though. Maybe you should just ask him if he would like to do something together, nothing too heavy. That way you can at least gauge his level of interest because if he is interested at all we will need a pressing reason not to take you up on it. It doesn't guarantee interest though, but going out somewhere may give you the opportunity to find out if he is.

    I'm not convinced about the value of texting for flirting myself. There are too few words exchanged and no way to read the body language of the other person. It is an easy way to flirt, because it is remote, but you have no way of judging the other persons level of intent.

    It could be that he is interested but doesn't know how to move things forward or is afraid to take the risk of expressing his feelings, just in case he has your feelings wrong. It could also be the case that he isn't interested but is hoping that the situation will go away if he ignores it and you can remain friends. I can't tell from what you have said.

    Have there been any other signs of interest he has shown since he found out about your feelings last Friday?


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