Hang out or go out?

There is this girl that I work with and I really like but I don't know her very well. I know she likes me cause she asked me out to lunch after our shift was over, and she gives me compliments on my hair and clothes often . We are both VERY shy but our conversations go pretty good...in person that is. I called her for the 1st time the other day to just chat, and that crashed and burned. A LOT of awkward moments. I was going to ask her out but she is visiting some family 200 miles away. So, I will ask her out next week instead when she returns. Since, we really don't know each other very well, should I ask her to just hang out? Or, ask her on a date to go for dinner and a comedy club afterwards? I think if I could kiss her, then our conversations would be much better. I'm afraid if we just "hang out" then it might be more of the same awkward moments. Girls would you go on a date with a guy that you like but don't really know well, or would you prefer to get to know him first by "hanging out"?


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  • Well combine the two. I mean either way, even if you say it's only hanging out, it's still going to have that first date feeling anyway. So yeah make it a date. I'd suggest going somewhere to eat and have drinks. Make sure it's not somewhere MEGA posh or formal, because you want it to feel nice and relaxed. Just a pub dinner somewhere where you can have a few drinks to lighten the mood. The comedy club afterwards I think sounds like a great idea. You'll be laughing together which ALWAYS puts people at ease at anyway, and she will associate those feelings with you.

    Wait to kiss her at the end of the date I think. It may happen before then, but if it doesn't then give her a hug at the end and a peck on the lips. Don't worry if you don't get a full blown snog.

    The best way to get rid of any awkwardness at the beginning really is just come out and say- I was really nervous about tonight. It might sound lame to you, but she'll agree and say the same which then puts you in the same boat, and trust me it will defo make it easier to make convo after that.

    Hope it goes well for you. Let us know what happens :D


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  • Here you go man. =)

    Ask her to hang out (BUT GET RID OF THE PHRASE HANG OUT IN YOUR DICTIONARY) ...ask her to go somewhere together...like the comedy club or even just coffee (less expensive, more time to talk). What this does is does not bring up the word dating, or hanging out... which keeps the atmosphere usually more relaxed because you are not obligated to anything and she is kind of unsure so usually more calm about it. I suggest taking her out somewhere that allows you to talk or step away from a crowd to talk to her. Try to talk about her..or just casual talk as if you were sitting there with an old high school female friend (not an ex...). If you can see through her body language signals that she is into you...then go for the kiss at the end. If you need guidance on signals...google them..if she is genuinely into you and somewhat leading you on..you have the green light. Lucky prick =p.

    Don't EVER 'hang out' with a girl that you like...and for the first while try to keep it just the two of you unless you find better advice (by doing this..it gets rid of the idea that maybe he is just trying to be a 'friend').

    Don't ever say that you like her either...let her figure it out...be mysterious a little...leave her thinking, and interested. I was told last week to leave her on a high note...Let the attraction build, build, build and then as its about to peak. Leave her hanging...so then all she will think about for the next week is you. Don't over think this..relax, be cool but be yourself and go if theirs an obvious green light.

    Later man

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